race your neighbor

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Virtual races and mud runs for everyone

Whether you run outdoors or indoors, use a treadmill or a neighborhood street, we just want everyone to get out and go the distance. We offer several virtual races a year to keep you motivated and excited for the next challenge. Sign up and walk, skip or run your way to a medal.
We are also challenging you to rack up the miles all year long with our
High Mileage Clubs each year. There are levels for everyone from beginner to marathon aficionado with custom trophies sharing your stats.
We work on the honor system for time reporting.
If you cheat your time, you're only cheating your own honor.

5k is equal to 3.1 miles

10k is equal to 6.2 miles
1/2 marathon is equal to 13.1 miles
Marathons are 26.2 miles
All ages, all fitness levels, no judgement!!! Come join the fun!

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